Testing Your System

It’s important to test your alarm system regularly to make sure it operates properly and connects with the monitoring station. Testing the system allows for early detection of problems so it is there to protect you when you need it. We recommend that you test your system monthly.

You can test and troubleshoot the functioning of alarm zones without calling technical support, but to verify that your system is communicating with the monitoring station, you should call Technical Support to assist you. That way you can prevent an unintended dispatch call. Never trigger an actual alarm to test your system or our response to an alarm signal.


Alarm systems use replaceable batteries as backup power in the event of a loss of power. Sensors in wireless systems are powered by batteries as well. Most batteries have a life of about three years and need periodic replacement. The first indication that a battery change may be necessary are a beeping keypad or LCD screen indicator.

Contact our Technical Support tem when you need to change batteries in one or more components. We can help you identify battery requirements and  help you with installation.

You can get most battery replacements from local stores. Since system reliability can depend on the batteries you choose, always use the same brand and type of batteries as those you are replacing. Be sure to check the “best before” date printed on the package.