False Alarms

In the US, as many as 90% of all alarm signals are false alarms, straining the resources of law enforcement and reducing their ability to respond to valid alarms. This can result in costly  permit requirements and false alarm fines.

Some simple steps can be taken to help reduce false alarms:

  • Make sure that anyone who operates the alarm knows how to operate your system and cancel inadvertent  alarms.
  • Make family members aware of system codes and passwords required to cancel dispatches.
  • For businesses, an employee who knows the code and password should be present at all times during business hours.
  • Be sure your alarm system is properly armed before leaving. The system delay which can be re-programmed to give additional time, if needed.
  • Motion detectors can be activated by pets or the movement of items affected by the flow of air. Alarm sensors can be adjusted or bypassed if you wish to arm your system while you or your pets are inside.