Business Investment

Gulf West Security Network (GWSN) is a provider of specialty financial services specifically targeted to the life safety and security alarm industry.

We focus exclusively on two complimentary lines of business:

  • Specialty Finance  –  B2B capital resources and innovative financing solutions for small, independent security alarm dealers, fire alarm companies, systems integrators and electrical contractors.
  • Retail Security  –  Providing life safety and security alarm services directly to residential, commercial  and industrial / institutional customers.

Our leadership was successful in building similarly structured (financial services-based) security networks twice before and is ready to do it again. Our CEO has a deep history of successful management and is a former Officer / Director of a dozen NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies. The last venture was ranked the 36th largest provider in the United States with 14,000 licensed and certified providers.

GWSN is now poised to capitalize on new financial opportunities inherent to today’s burgeoning life safety and security alarm industry.

  • Terror attacks across the nation (and the world) have spurred capital expenditures on homeland security products and services which are expected to exceed $22 Billion in 2018, the highest anticipated level of safety and security expenditures since September 11, 2001.
  • GWSN management will leverage its expertise and experience to capture its share of that spending.

GWSN is looking to grow an expand through increased funding via individual investments. To become a part of this opportunity, contact us today.