Monitoring Stations

Acadian Monitoring Service
An Affiliate of Acadian Ambulance Services, Inc.
Lafayette, LA / Baton Rouge, LA / Austin, TX / Chicago, IL

Acadian Monitoring Service is recognized as a nationwide leader in security surveillance, crisis response and emergency dispatch. Utilizing the most advanced alarm automation software, Acadian provides burglar (perimeter intrusion alert), panic and hold-up, medical, smoke and fire, temperature, climate, pressure, carbon monoxide and fluid level monitoring. Acadian also offers two-way voice, video surveillance, video response and verification, access control and specialized industrial systems, along with vehicle and asset GPS tracking, and telehealth monitoring. Its parent company, Acadian Ambulance, was founded in 1971 and is today the largest privately-owned (non-municipal) ambulance service and pre-hospital medical care provider in the nation.

Alarm Monitoring Services, Inc.
New Orleans, LA / Monroe, LA

For more than 30 years, Alarm Monitoring Services has built a reputation for providing the highest quality fire and security alarm monitoring, digital transmission, long-range radio, remote video, video verification, remote video storage and two way voice services. AMS supports all digital formats via traditional telephone lines as well as cellular-based and internet-based (IP transmission) monitoring. Over the pastfew years, AMS has specifically focused on new video monitoring technology, and now offers advanced applications such as video verification, instantaneous text notification, and live video surveillance from personal computers and hand-held devices.

All American
All American Monitoring Services, Inc.
Sarasota, FL

Founded in 1973, All American Monitoring serves more than 1,200 independent alarm dealers, and tens of thousands of end-user residential and commercial customers, nationwide. PELICAN Security Network depends on All American for 24-hour / 7-day-a-week monitoring of many of its fire and burglar alarm customers in the Southeastern United States, including Florida. All American provides digital transmission, long-range radio, cellular, internet (IP transmission) remote video and listen-in / two way voice services.

Cen-Signal Monitoring Company
Columbus, GA

One of the oldest and most widely used central monitoring stations in the Southeastern United States, Cen-Signal provides digital transmission, long-range radio, cellular and internet (IP transmission) services to a variety of customers, which have depended on Cen-Signal for all their alarm monitoring services more than two decades.

Command Central, Inc.
A Division of Acadian Monitoring Services
Baton Rouge, LA

Founded by a former law enforcement officer, Command Central grew from a small, one-man operation to become one of the largest independent monitoring stations in the Gulf Coast Region of the United States. More than 20 years ago, Command Central proved itself to be an industry leader when it was recognized as the first alarm monitoring station in the State of Louisiana to become computerized and become fully-automated. In fact, this former policeman’s station ultimately developed a number of ideas for alarm monitoring software that have now become the standard in the industry. Ultimately, after two decades as an independent central station, Command Central became part of a nationwide network serving more than 150,000 customers in 45 states through more than 200 independent alarm dealers when it merged with Acadian Monitoring Services in 2008.

COPS Monitoring, Inc.
Williamstown, NJ / Boca Raton, FL / Scottsdale, AZ

Founded in 1978, and named in honor of the Constable on Patrol – a well-respected and ever-present neighborhood figure back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s – COPS Monitoring today renders burglar and fire alarm monitoring services to more than a half-million residential and commercial customers nationwide, through its affiliation with more than 3,000 independent alarm dealers. COPS has redundant central stations located

CMS / Criticom International
Criticom Monitoring Services, Inc.
Longwood, FL / Wall, NJ / Cypress, CA

With three separate, fully-redundant monitoring stations strategically located across the country (in Florida, New Jersey and California), Criticom Monitoring Services has earned a reputation for providing the highest-quality remote security, medical, fire and environmental monitoring. The company is UL and Factory Mutual-certified, and has a reputation for investing heavily in advanced technology and staff training, and is now affiliated. The new Criticom Monitoring Services was formed through the recent merger of Criticom International and Computerized Monitoring Services, the latter of which also owned the Monital, NACCIDC, Securion and King Central monitoring centers.

SentryNet Monitoring Services, Inc.
Jackson, MS / Pensacola, FL

A widely-respected name in the alarm industry, Sentry Net offers its customers the added sense of security that comes from having two fully-staffed, totally-redundant (back-up) locations operating in both Mississippi and Florida. Utilizing  only the most up-to-date technology, SentryNet provides customers a full range of digital transmission, long-range radio, cellular and internet (IP transmission) services, remote video, listen-in / two way voice monitoring and off-site access control services.

Southwest Dispatch Center
Richardson, TX

Since 1989, Southwest Dispatch Center has been providing security surveillance services throughout the Central United States from their monitoring station in Richardson, a suburb of Dallas, TX. Today, SWDC’s employees provide round-the-clock service to nearly 100,000 residential, commercial, industrial and institutional customers through a network of more than 350 independent security and fire alarm dealers, with a focus on the Texas and Oklahoma regions. An Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified central station, SWDC also holds CVSU and UUFX certifications. In addition to monitoring virtually every existing format of digital alarm panels, SWDC’s can also monitor 12 different variations of IP (Internet Protocol) transmission, and 10 separate brands of GSM / GPRS monitoring, along with advanced / enhanced services including longrange radio and cellular transmission, remote video monitoring, two-way voice, elevator and emergency phone monitoring, PERS monitoring, managed off-site / on-site access control and GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) mobile monitoring.

United Central Control, Inc.
San Antonio, TX

One of the oldest and largest central stations in Texas, United Central Control was founded in 1982 and is distinguished by its “Team UCC” approach to providing unparalleled customer service. With cutting edge electronics and fully-trained, bi-lingual operators certified in the latest crisis response and emergency dispatch technology, Team UCC has earned a Five Diamond Rating from the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), as well as a UL Certification from the independent Underwriters Laboratories. Today, UCC monitors more than 150,000 alarm systems for its network of 350 independent alarm dealers through its new, 14,000-square-foot, state-ofthe- art command center and separate, disaster recovery center in San Antonio, TX.